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Curtain Wall

The two basic types of exterior sealants are urethane and silicone. Silicone sealants are more widely used today because of performance demands related to UV rays and thermal effects. It is imperative to test a sealant for compatibility and adhesion with all substraits prior to being applied. Application should be in strict accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Dow Corning
For new construction or building renovation, silicone sealants from Dow Corning work because they solve unique structural glazing and weatherproofing challenges, protect buildings typically three times longer than organic materials, perform with successful track records in diverse applications, provide outstanding life cycle value, improve productivity, reduce waste and extend building life.
Web Site: dowcorning.com

Tremco is a leader in the development and manufacture of silicone sealants, urethane sealants, glazing rubber extrusions, deck coatings, commercial waterproofing, air barriers and drainage materials. With experienced company representatives in every major market and across Canada, Tremco is uniquely positioned to provide assistance for specification development, application-specific product development, problem-solving and assistance on-site.
Web Site: tremcosealants.com

Proper sealant selection is an important consideration early in the planning stages of any construction project. Pecora offers knowledge of substrates, surface treatments and application designs that are all key elements for the success of a building’s performance. Pecora’s technical department is available to answer your questions concerning sealant selection, requirements, and recommendations on a per job basis.
Web Site: www.pecora.com